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Introducing the Ultimate Collection of Extension Reels for Electrical Retailers!

Our comprehensive range of extension reels is a must-have for every electrical retailer seeking to cater to the diverse needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, these extension reels are the epitome of reliability and safety.

  1. Extension Reel Plastic Cassette 10m: This compact and lightweight 10-meter plastic cassette extension reel is the ideal solution for small-scale electrical tasks. Its ergonomic design ensures easy portability, while the durable plastic casing provides excellent protection against impact and abrasion. Perfect for indoor use, this reel is a favorite among home users and hobbyists.

  2. Extension Reel Plastic 20m 1mm: Designed to handle slightly more demanding tasks, this 20-meter plastic extension reel boasts a 1mm core for enhanced power delivery. The user-friendly winding mechanism allows for tangle-free cable management, and the thermal overload protection ensures optimal safety during prolonged usage.

  3. Extension Reel Plastic 30m 1.5mm: When the job requires extended reach and increased power capacity, this 30-meter plastic extension reel is the go-to choice. The robust 1.5mm core offers a reliable flow of electricity, making it a preferred tool for professionals tackling medium-sized projects.

  4. Extension Reel Steel 20m 1mm: For heavy-duty applications in construction and industrial settings, this 20-meter steel extension reel with a 1mm core is a game-changer. The rugged steel construction provides maximum durability, making it resilient to rough handling and harsh environments.

  5. Extension Reel Steel 30m 2.5mm: The epitome of power and durability, this 30-meter steel extension reel features a sturdy 2.5mm core, making it the ultimate choice for electrical contractors handling large-scale projects. Its heavy-duty build ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for professionals in the field.

Whether it's a small household repair or a large industrial undertaking, our extension reel collection has something to offer for everyone. Each product in this range guarantees efficiency, safety, and unmatched performance, making them a top choice for electrical contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. So, why settle for less when you can provide your customers with the best?