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PVC trunking


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Introducing our comprehensive collection of PVC conduit trunking, designed specifically for electrical retailers and widely used by electrical contractors. Our range includes various sizes and lengths to cater to diverse installation requirements. With high-quality construction and reliable performance, these PVC trunking solutions are a must-have for any electrical project.

Starting with the PVC trunking 16x16 2m and 3m options, these compact yet sturdy conduits are ideal for concealing and protecting electrical wires and cables in residential and small-scale commercial installations. Their 16x16 mm dimensions make them suitable for neatly routing and organizing wiring systems while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

For slightly larger installations, we offer the PVC trunking 25x16 2m option, which provides ample space for managing multiple cables while accommodating different wire gauges. Its 25x16 mm dimensions strike a balance between flexibility and efficiency.

For more extensive projects and heavier cable management, our PVC trunking 40x16 3m is an excellent choice. With its wider dimensions, it offers increased capacity and can easily handle larger wire bundles, making it a favorite among electrical contractors.

We also offer the PVC trunking 40x25 3m, perfect for applications where both width and height requirements are significant. This trunking allows for the effective management of various cables, including those of different sizes and thicknesses.

In addition to these options, our collection features a wide range of other sizes and lengths to meet specific project needs. With their durability, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness, our PVC conduit trunking solutions provide electrical retailers with reliable products that electrical contractors can trust for efficient and professional installations.