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Introducing our comprehensive collection of fasteners designed specifically for electrical retailers and contractors. This carefully curated assortment covers a range of essential fastening solutions to meet the diverse needs of electrical installations.

Firstly, our selection of Wood Screws provides reliable and secure fastening for wooden structures, ensuring stability and durability in electrical installations. They are available in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different requirements.

For more robust applications, we offer Steel Machine Screws. These high-quality fasteners are designed to provide exceptional strength and resistance to withstand heavy loads and intense vibrations commonly encountered in electrical installations.

Pan Head Steel Self Tapers are another invaluable addition to our collection. With their sharp points and coarse threads, they effortlessly penetrate materials, such as metal and plastic, ensuring a secure and lasting connection.

When it comes to securing items to hollow walls, our Spring Toggles are a go-to choice. These versatile fasteners expand behind the wall, providing a reliable anchor point for electrical fixtures, even in materials with low load-bearing capacity.

Our range also includes Wall Plugs, which are ideal for mounting electrical boxes or conduits securely into masonry or concrete surfaces. These plugs offer excellent stability and prevent loosening over time, ensuring long-lasting electrical installations.

Lastly, our Nail-in Anchors provide a convenient and efficient solution for attaching electrical fixtures to surfaces such as drywall or plaster. They offer reliable support and are easy to install, making them a preferred choice for electrical contractors.

With our diverse selection of fasteners, electrical retailers and contractors can confidently tackle any installation project, knowing they have access to the right fastening solutions for the job.