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Pre-Packs Domestics


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Introducing the comprehensive collection of Mr Electric Pre-Packed products designed exclusively for electrical retailers and contractors. Our range of Pre-packs Domestics offers a convenient solution for both residential and commercial electrical needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.

Our Pre-packs Plugtops are meticulously assembled and packaged in-house using our state-of-the-art automatic packaging lines. These high-quality plugtops are suitable for a wide range of electrical devices and provide a safe and reliable connection for various applications.

In addition, our Pre-packs Adaptors provide versatility and flexibility, allowing users to connect different types of plugs and sockets effortlessly. Whether it's adapting a two-pin plug to a three-pin socket or vice versa, our adaptors are designed to meet diverse electrical requirements.

For customers seeking multiple socket options, our Pre-packs Multiplugs are the ideal choice. These convenient and compact devices offer multiple outlets, allowing simultaneous connections of various electronic devices.

Our Pre-packs Extenda plugs are designed to extend the reach of power outlets, providing additional convenience and flexibility in any space. With our Extenda plugs, customers can easily connect their electrical devices without the limitations of short cables.

For electrical contractors, we offer Pre-packs Janus Couplers, which are specially designed to facilitate secure and efficient electrical connections in commercial settings. These couplers ensure reliable power distribution, enabling contractors to complete their projects with confidence.

At Mr Electric, we take pride in our ability to pre-pack a vast range of products, ensuring a diverse selection to meet the specific needs of our customers. With our automatic in-house packaging lines, we maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency, guaranteeing reliable and ready-to-use products for electrical retailers and contractors alike.